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* Keeping River Islands Beautiful *

Many of our homeowners are not maintaining their yards or are not applying for landscape modifications. It has become an issue that could affect the beauty of our neighborhoods. Many neighbors have complained. So, from now on, when a CC&R violation is identified or reported, the River Islands CC&R Team will be enforcing compliance in the following manner:

Upon First Identification:

A Notice of Violation will be delivered to the homeowner by either personal delivery or posted on the front door with a copy by U.S. mail. The Notice will allow the homeowner 30 days to remedy the violation. No subsequent Notices will be served. 

Within 7 Days of Notice:

If no attempts are made to remedy the violation that are visibly apparent or the homeowner has not contacted the CC&R Team to confirm a remedy is in progress, the CC&R Team will report the issue to the City of Lathrop Code Compliance Division. The violation may also be reported to the Lathrop Police Department, Lathrop Manteca Fire Department, Lathrop Irrigation District, Reclamation District 2062, and/or River Islands Public Financing Authority.

Within 30 Days of Notice:

If the homeowner fails to remedy the violation within 30 days of the Notice of Violation, the violation will be corrected by the CC&R Team, and the homeowner will be billed for all related costs and fees.

Reimbursement within 30 Days of Correction:

Failure to pay the bill for such remedy within 30 days from the date of the invoice will result in court action against the homeowner and/or a lien against the property.  Homeowner will be taken to court to enforce payment.

If you notice a violation of the CC&Rs, please report the violation by sending an email to
Your personal information will remain confidential.


The enforcement of CC&R violations is primarily based on complaints received by or visual observations of the CC&R Team. All violations are reviewed on a case‑by-case basis. The failure to enforce any provision of the CC&Rs does not constitute a waiver of any right to enforce any such subsequent or other provisions thereof. The CC&Rs run with the land and are enforceable against all owners, subsequent owners, and tenants without exception.

ccr app.PNG

Home Improvement Application Instructions

Be sure to fill out the form and send an email with your home improvement ideas to the CC&Rs Team at to avoid the cost of making changes that are not in compliance with our CC&Rs.​

If you have additional questions or need advice, send them along to, and we will get back to you with the information you need.

PHASE 1 #1

  • Drakes Bend

  • Edgewater

  • Shoreline

  • Water Pointe

  • Windrift

Note: Your builder may have recorded supplemental CC&Rs. These must be obtained through your builder or title company. 

CC&Rs PHASE 1 #2

  • 360 Lakeside

  • Avalon

  • Avalon Pointe

  • Balboa

  • Beacon Bay

  • Breakwater

  • Bridgeport

  • Cardiff

  • Catalina

  • Catalina II

  • Castaway

  • Crystal Cove

  • Daybreak

  • Haven 

  • Hideaway

  • Horizon


  • Laguna

  • Lakeside

  • Latitude

  • Latitude II

  • Newport

  • Reflections

  • Sanctuary

  • Sandpointe

  • Skye

  • Summer House

  • Sunset

  • The Cove

  • Tidewater

  • Veranda

  • Watermark

  • Waypointe

Note: Your builder may have recorded supplemental CC&Rs. These must be obtained through your builder or title company. 


Coming Soon!



We love to hear suggestions for our community!

Non-Compliance Issues


If you need to report a violation for CC&R non-compliance, click the link below. All reports are confidential.

River Islands enforces CC&R compliance only.
Contact information for other issues is available here. 

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