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Welcome Our Town Center Consultant to the River Islands Team

As you may have heard, the City of Lathrop approved the Phase II plan for River Islands, which means we can continue with our long-term goals for our community. Over the next 20 years, we plan to add more neighborhoods, schools, and other amenities for our residents to enjoy.

One of the new additions we have planned for our Lathrop community is the River Islands Town Center. This exciting destination will provide a place for residents to pick up essentials, dine waterside, participate in recreational amenities and more. The River Islands Town Center is

moving ahead into its design phase, and Diane Correia is joining the River Islands team to help shape its vision and work with potential tenants to enhance the River Islands lifestyle.

Formerly of Colliers Commercial Real Estate, Diane brings a decades-long career of accomplishments to the table, including working on the Quail Lakes Shopping Center, the Weston Ranch Town Center and Venetian Square. Diane is currently working on market research to discover which businesses and services would be the most valuable to our River Islands residents.

We’re so lucky that Diane is part of the River Islands team, and that we get to benefit from her years of experience working in the region. To receive updates on the latest developments happening at River Islands, sign up for our newsletter!


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