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Olive Harvest Registration

Dell'Osso Family Farm is hosting a U-Pick farm-to-fork experience for the River Islands community! Residents are encouraged to bring their family to take part in harvesting olives at the farm, which will be subsequently pressed and bottled into artisanal, extra-virgin olive oil.


Where: Dell'Osso Family Farm at 501 Manthey Rd. in Lathrop, CA

Cost: U-Pick, $5 per bucket = 1 bottle of olive oil

How it works:

Once you have picked your buckets, you will exchange them for tickets. Bring the ticket(s) to the Check-In table to pay per bucket. Each bucket will be $5 which will yield one bottle of olive oil. We will accept CASH ONLY so please plan accordingly. Once the olives are picked, it will be sent to Sciabicas Olive Oil for pressing and bottling. The Olive Oil will be ready for pick-up at the Welcome Center in March 2023.

All ages are welcome - attendees under 18 will need a guardian to sign a liability waiver and please keep young ones close and well-supervised.

What you'll need to bring:

  • Shoes you won't mind getting muddy! Rain boots are recommended.

  • We've discovered that disposable vinyl gloves (like those used in food service) are the best for the job so you can feel the olives. We will have these available, but feel free to bring your own for your group.

  • We'll provide larger buckets for adults to use, but if you have a small child coming to help, you may bring a smaller bucket like a coffee can or toy bucket. We'll also have trash bags spread on the ground so younger kids can collect the olives that fall.

  • Dress warmly! We recommend hats, scarves and thick socks.

We look forward to seeing you out at the farm!

If something changes and any registered participants cannot attend, please contact Krystal at so we can keep an accurate head count.

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