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(209) 647-6400


Blue Knight Security

(209) 373-7633

For medical and emergency help, crimes-in-progress, auto accidents with injury, odor of gas, structure or brush fires, etc.

Dial 911

To report non-emergency police services, report loud parties, auto accidents without injury, illegally parked vehicles, request police reports for any non-life-threatening incident or property crimes, illegally parked vehicles, trailers, boats, or recreational vehicles, etc.

Lathrop Police Department
(209) 647-6400

To request assistance with a non-life-threatening issue or non-law enforcement issue ie., report a suspicious vehicle that may require monitoring, report an individual driving on the levee roads that is not part of construction, etc.

Direct Line to on duty guard:
(209) 373-7633

To report non-emergency fire services, hazardous conditions, request a service call, etc.

Lathrop Fire
(209) 941-5100

To report community problems, such as graffiti on a wall, broken streetlights, landscaping water escaping from a broken sprinkler head, etc.

River Islands HOTLINE

(209) 888-4586

To address questions regarding Architectural Guidelines / Seek Approval / Community Rules and Regulations (CC&Rs).

(209) 616-7192

(phone & text)

(209) 808-5287

(messages only)

To report power outages.

Lathrop Irrigation District
(209) 888-4799

To report barking dogs, stray animals, injured animals, lost or found animals, aggressive animals, dog bites, animal cruelty or neglect. This applies to domestic or wild life.

Animal Control
(209) 941-7240

For questions about schools; admissions, programs, sports, etc.:

  • K-8   River Islands Academies

  • West High School, Tracy


(209) 229-4700

(209) 830-3370

To make reservations at The Boathouse Restaurant.

(209) 696-0336

To set up garbage pickup.

Republic Services
(209) 466-3604

To set up water service.

City of Lathrop - Finance Dept
(209) 941-7320

To set up gas service.

(800) 743-5000

To set up electrical service.

Lathrop Irrigation District
(209) 888-4799 or

City Hall, City of Lathrop

(209) 941-7200

Post Office, City of Lathrop

(209) 858-2324

(800) 275-8777

15529 7th Street

Lathrop, CA   95330

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