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A Bigger and Better River Islands

River Islands is already one of the most desirable master-planned communities to call home in the San Joaquin Valley, but now our impressive Lathrop community is about to get even better. In June, the City of Lathrop approved the Phase II plan for River Islands, which means that we can continue with our long-term plans for River Islands.

Curious to know what exciting changes are on the horizon for River Islands over the next 20 years? Here is an overview of what we have envisioned for current and future residents:

More Neighborhoods

River Islands has now been approved to plan for a total of 15,001 residences. These new homes will include all manner of styles - from townhomes and condominiums to apartments, as well as the single-family detached home neighborhoods that are part of our community character.

Town Center

Now in design, the River Islands Town Center will provide a place for residents to enjoy local shopping, waterside restaurants and new and exciting recreational amenities. The Town Center will be located close to Islanders Field, and the soon-to-be-completed police administration headquarters.

And what could be better than one Town Center at River Islands? Two! Once the first Town Center is built, River Islands will begin building a second Town Center. This proposed center will be built along the Golden Valley Parkway at Paradise Cut.

River Islands Schools

Calling all River Islands scholars! We have been approved to build five more schools within our community, including River Islands High School which will break ground next year. With a targeted opening date of 2023, River Islands High School will offer a football stadium by Islanders Field that can be used for a variety of community events. Our third charter K-8 school is currently under construction and will open for the 2022-2023 school year.

More Outdoor Amenities

A large part of River Islands is devoted to open space, parks, lakes, new waterways and trails, but we have more outdoor amenities planned for our residents to enjoy. In the future, our scenic community will feature:

● 13 more lakes for a total of 26 lakes throughout the community

● 300 acres of community parks

● An additional 160 acres of small neighborhood parks

● 18 miles of trails that will allow pedestrians and bicyclists to traverse all of River Islands without crossing a major street

We’re so excited for the bright future that we share with the City of Lathrop!


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