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Staying Fit Is Easy At River Islands

It is a new year, which means you likely have new resolutions to fulfill. Of course, one of the most common is setting a goal to work out more and stay in shape. At River Islands, you’ll find staying fit is very doable, as the community offers several fun activities and ideal settings for your new routine!

The COMMUNITY DOG PARK AT CRYSTAL COVE is the perfect place for you and your buddy to get some much-needed exercise. Don’t forget to bring a ball; your arm will get a workout playing some fetch. You’ll be tired, but you’ll also be closer to your dog than ever before!

Take Advantage of River Islands' Majestic Lakes

One of the most wonderful things about living at River Islands is being in close proximity to several lakes. Sparkling and gorgeous, our lakes can help you fulfill your mission of becoming one with nature, which is why we encourage residents to enjoy the lakes as much as possible. Although swimming is not allowed, there are lots of other water sports you can engage in, like kayaking and paddle boarding. Both are great ways to get some sun, while giving your arms and upper body an intense workout.

Fulfill Your Resolution at Home

You might not have time to go out, and that’s fine! That doesn’t mean you have to scrap your New Year’s resolution. Think about transforming your bonus room into an exercise haven for your yoga, running, and weight lifting needs. The homes at River Islands offer plenty of flex spaces where you can have a great workout session.

Want to learn more about River Islands? Explore our website at or visit the Welcome Center, open daily 12 to 5 PM.


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