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Upcoming Events

 FALL 2023

  • Open Letter from Susan Dell'Osso

  • Inside Our Community CC&Rs

  • When To Seek Approval

  • Responsibilities of Entities With An Impact On River Islands

  • Report to the River Islands Hotline

  • Directory of Services

  • National Night Out Gets Commmunity Together

  • Next Up: American Heart Association Walk, October 7

  • Parks, Playing Fields and Places to Relax!

  • Community Yard Sale Is Coming September 16

  • High School Hosts Back To School Night

  • Welcome Center Opens Its Doors For A New Rental Program

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Important Announcements

October 26, 2023

The City of Lathrop is studying internet use in the area. They want to hear about your experience with internet access, performance, price, reliability and technical support so they can improve service throughout the city. Use the link below to complete a survey if you choose and/or pay for services for your home or work location:

October 5, 2023

To All Lathrop Residents –


Due to continuing construction, there will be a road re-alignment as shown on the map below.  River Islands Parkway will be closed at Roll Tide Way (at the high school) and Paradise Road will be accessible via Winton Avenue.  This change will occur Oct. 11th, starting at 10:00 am.


Thank you,

River Islands Development

road closure.PNG

October 4, 2023

Direct Message from River Islands and Hale Construction:

Some of you may have seen the Grim Reaper and the protest by the Carpenter’s Union at the intersection of River Islands Parkway and Somerston.  These union members are also handing out flyers and holding signs.  The following is a Q&A surrounding this situation:


Q. Does River Islands ever work with Union construction?

A. Absolutely.  Almost all of the contractors in River Islands are union contractors.  Additionally, Hale Construction is a member of the Laborer’s Union. 

Q. Is this protest being done by all unions or just the Carpenter’s union?

A. This is just a protest by the Carpenter’s union.  All other unions are in contract for work at River Islands. 

Q. Is the high school being built with union labor?

A. Yes, River Islands hired Hale Construction to build the high school.  And River Islands has a contract with ALL the unions in San Joaquin County for the high school, except for the Carpenter’s Union.


Q. Has the Carpenter’s Union ever protested another project in Lathrop or in the County?

A. Yes, they have set up the Grim Reaper at several locations. Just recently, they protested at the Tesla building in Lathrop. They typically use their out-of-work members to participate in such protests.

Q. Does River Islands and Hale pay "prevailing wages" which are fair and comparable?

A. Absolutely. River Islands and Hale pay the exact same rates as all union contractors for all public work being done at River Islands. There are laws regarding which rates must be paid for public work, and both River Islands and Hale comply with the law.

Q. Has the Carpenter's union ever tried to actually talk with River Islands and Hale?

A. They have talked with Hale who tried to negotiate a deal that could work for their employees. But, they never called River Islands.

Q. Is the Carpenter's union really handing out personal information about the executives at River Islands and Hale?

A. Yes. They are handing out personal cell phone numbers and email addresses. This seems like a violation of privacy and we do not appreciate it.

Q. Do you think the Carpenters will ever show up again and protest River Islands jobs?

A. Yes. We have been told to expect them on a regular basis. And, even though they protest, we will continue to build quality construction and pay fair and equal wages.



We're excited to announce that the River Islands Welcome Center is now available for residents to rent for small gatherings and meeting space!

If you belong to a club within the community that needs a place to hold meetings or want to host a small-scale celebratory event for family and friends, then we can provide it by offering the Welcome Center lobby area and deck outside of business hours. Inside capacity is at a 49-person maximum.

All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for approval. Please note that the Welcome Center is open daily - we cannot accomodate requests for use during operating hours, 10am - 5pm. For complete information about the rules and fees, and to submit a request for use, click here.

Essential Resources


Join us to support Second Harvest Food Bank of San Joaquin County!

If you would like to contribute unopened and unexpired non-perishable food items, we have placed donation bins in the following locations:

Welcome Center (1401 River Islands Pkwy)

Fire Station #35 (19001 Somerston Pkwy)

wine club.JPG

You're invited to
The Islanders' Circle

Have you popped open the bottle of Priest Ranch Wine that was included in your River Islands welcome basket and LOVED it? Here's some great news:

Priest Ranch, which shares a parent company with River Islands, has created a wine club just for Islanders, with plans for deliveries to be made to our community three times per year, accompanied by fun pick-up parties! Along with a special discount on all wines, members will receive three customizable shipments per year, be invited to the tasting room in Yountville for a complementary wine tasting once a year, first-access to winery-exclusive wines and MORE!

For details and to sign up, click here!


When you meet someone who tells you they live in Drake’s Bend, do you know where that is? Did you know that Lakeside is not 360 Lakeside? Wouldn’t you love to have a map that shows all of the River Islands neighborhoods, by name?


This is not a street map, but a neighborhood map, to help you navigate around the community as you put down roots.

neighborhoods map.jpg
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